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Online Reputation Management

Creating and maintaining a positive reputation is crucial for your brand. Reputation management will help you to identify and eliminate problems within your customer base. Online Reputation Management (ORM) aims to improve your company’s favorable image and grow your partners’ level of trust. A positive online reputation can lead to more customers. A negative online reputation can deter customers from purchasing your products or services.

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Nail Salon Corporation --- Vickie Long

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We are a small restaurant chain that had staff issues. Not any more, with Owen Brooke Team they implemented a new hiring strategy, developed schedules, incentives, new menus and much much more. I am so happy that I finally called after hearing so many great reviews.

Restaurant --- Lynn Gordon

Your Marketing Expert

We believe custom websites deserve customized marketing strategies. The Internet is the most cost-effective way of attracting new patients to your practice, and our team of experts is led by Tim Healy. His 20 years of small business experience is ready to help you earn a positive ROI on every dollar spent.

We are a small restaurant chain that had staff issues. Not any more, with Owen Brooke Team they implemented a new hiring strategy, developed schedules, incentives, new menus and much much more. I am so happy that I finally called after hearing so many great reviews.

Restaurant --- Lynn Gordon

Importance of Reputation Management To Business

Numerous companies and individuals spend billions of dollars building a strong reputation since a good reputation supports a strong brand.  But your efforts can easily be ruined by your missteps or online trolls. In the present business environment, a professional online reputation management company can help you to monitor, build, and protect your brand. Online reputation management will help you build a positive reputation and repair a negative reputation.

Our reputation management team has experience in building a positive reputation for companies. We employ a wide range of strategies to establish positive company reputations.

We design and implement reputation management campaigns for our clients, which include Fortune 500 companies, their executives, and their board members. With our proactive and aggressive reputation management techniques, we have prevented many corporate crises before they have manifested.

Negative Product Reviews

Business reviews are crucial for building credibility, transparency, and the quality of your brand. Whether you produce products or offer services to customers, there is a chance that someone is reviewing your business. Occasionally, reviews can benefit your company. But if one customer is dissatisfied with your product or services, they can harm your company by flooding negative reviews about your services. Many review sites now allow users to submit reviews and provide their experience with products and services. Users can harm a company’s reputation by flooding sites with horrifying and exaggerated claims regarding your products or services.

While you might have received positive reviews from clients online, that does not necessarily indicate that your brand is resonating with consumers. Online reputation management creates the best positive online image for your brand. Reputation management can help you build your brand so that customer satisfaction improves. Online reputation management services play an important role in your business growth.

How Reputation Management Works

Good reputation management works to ensure that online content is optimized for search engines. Every company faces different challenges regarding their reputation status. An online reputation management agency monitors the web to ensure that your reputation stays positive.

Dot Com Media can help you build and maintain a positive reputation. Dot Com Media is an elite reputation management agency that offers online services to build a professionally branded website that is appealing to users. Our pool of professional online marketers will design an effective campaign in order to create high-quality and positive brand content. We also provide metrics to monitor the progress of your site.

Your brand is What Google says it is

The Internet is a gigantic information database. Google is a search engine that collects rich and quality information before disseminating it to searchers. In the present business environment, the Internet has become a vital tool that businesses use to promote their brand, promote their company image, and grow their revenues. Internet is gradually replacing brick and mortar businesses and is helping companies to grow their customer base.

Google offers the opportunity for users to find information about your brand whether positive or negative, based on the information they collect. A great reputation service can make a negative review about your company invisible to customers and will ensure that Google only pushes positive reviews to searchers. Since a bad image can demolish your reputation, we develop an everlasting positive impression for your brand identity on the web.

Reputation Management

At Dot Com Media, we create a positive brand identity through content creation and promotion. Our goal is to get your site ranked at the top of search results pages. We push down unwanted, irrelevant, and negative content, and we fill the search engines’ results page with positive and relevant content to build up your brand images.

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