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Your Voice, Our Strategy – Let’s Implement!

With the ever-increasing benefits businesses derive from social media, Dot Com Media is constantly researching the core advantages of social media along with new strategies for success. We believe that social media should be everywhere. It can offer a strategic competitive advantage to businesses. The goal of social media is to share relevant content that builds a prospect pipeline for your business. We build social relationships and drive measurable results that perfectly align with your business goals.

I wanted everyone to know that if your business needs new customers Owen Brooke knows what to do. Thanks.

Construction Company – Gene Kinsey

Our company which has 53 salons all over US had turnover issues and a Low product month to month sales. Owen Brooke Consulting is by far the Best I have used over 20 years of business. Don’t hesitate call them.

Nail Salon Corporation --- Vickie Long

As Food Distributors we must be able to gain new products and add new Distribution Channels are we are out of business in a flash. Owen Brooke’s Team. Setup an entire Distribution Channel that is efficient and is helping the entire  distribution line work smoothly. Appreciate Everything You are still doing for us…

Food Distributors --- Neil Waldon

We are a small restaurant chain that had staff issues. Not any more, with Owen Brooke Team they implemented a new hiring strategy, developed schedules, incentives, new menus and much much more. I am so happy that I finally called after hearing so many great reviews.

Restaurant --- Lynn Gordon

Your Marketing Expert

We believe custom websites deserve customized marketing strategies. The Internet is the most cost-effective way of attracting new patients to your practice, and our team of experts is led by Tim Healy. His 20 years of small business experience is ready to help you earn a positive ROI on every dollar spent.

We are a small restaurant chain that had staff issues. Not any more, with Owen Brooke Team they implemented a new hiring strategy, developed schedules, incentives, new menus and much much more. I am so happy that I finally called after hearing so many great reviews.

Restaurant --- Lynn Gordon

Social Media Optimization

The major objective of most businesses is to grow profits. A brand is key to promoting sales and boosting revenue. Social media platforms are major tools that can help you to build your brand. When your brand is known globally, you stand a better chance of achieving competitive market advantages. We use a sophisticated SEO tool to optimize your website and your profiles within leading social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. This helps us to promote your brand, enhance website visibility, boost sales, and attract more customer inquiries.

Our social media marketing activities focus entirely on Brand Building, Brand Reputation Management, Business Page Optimization, Reporting, Research & Analysis, Business Promotion, Facebook and Twitter Promotion, Blog Optimization, Branding and Rebranding, Photo and Video Sharing, and Social Bookmarking.

Social Media Campaign Creation

We spread your message on social media. We build targeted social media campaigns for your business using campaign-focused metrics. We tailor your campaign to the industry you are operating in to broadcast your brand, measure your social media ROI, and engage your target audience. We use a holistic integrated approach with social media marketing, and we rely on campaign analytics to track campaign effectiveness.

We model our social media campaigns on Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.  Our intention is to enhance website credibility, increase brand awareness, generate more leads, reach targeted market fragment, boost sales, and increase return on investment (ROI).

Social Media Insight Analysis

Social Media Insights are an actionable tool used to analyze social media marketing data and turn the data into useful information. Many businesses are still missing out on the powerful benefits of Social Media Insights. Dot Com Media overcame reporting challenges by using social media research to help businesses make proven and result-oriented strategic decisions.

We have a team of highly skilled professional researchers who work to gain insights into consumer behavior. We use cutting-edge technology to drill into data and analyze your social media activity performances in order to optimize your overall campaign. We monitor your website traffic in order to gain critical insights into your business. We track key influencers and enhance your social media metrics with the goal of helping you gain a competitive edge.

Marketing Approaches that Changes Your Bottom Line

We hit the “sweet spot”—at Dot Com Media. We incorporate the best marketing strategies from both large and boutique agencies in order to deliver strong ROI to our clients. Our marketing teams can build or rebuild your brand so that each marketing campaigns is executed by all-star veterans and disciplined experts.

We are unique and different from smaller digital advertising agencies. We design customized strategies based on your business goals. We create custom landing pages and comprehensive advertising strategies based on your company’s needs.


Dot Com Media is an actionable interactive marketing agency. Our vision is to team up with your internal marketing team and collaborate in order to achieve your goals.

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