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Videos That Turn Visitors Into Customers!

We understand the importance of a strong video marketing strategy. Therefore, we offer an array of customizable packages designed to tell your brand story to your target audience.

Video Creation Services
Tell Your Brand Story Through The Power Of Video

Today’s consumer loves video content. High quality videos are the perfect vehicle to educate your target audience on who you are, what you sell, and why they should buy from you. Work with our stellar video production team to create top-notch content that tells your brand story!

I wanted everyone to know that if your business needs new customers Owen Brooke knows what to do. Thanks.

Construction Company – Gene Kinsey

Our company which has 53 salons all over US had turnover issues and a Low product month to month sales. Owen Brooke Consulting is by far the Best I have used over 20 years of business. Don’t hesitate call them.

Nail Salon Corporation --- Vickie Long

As Food Distributors we must be able to gain new products and add new Distribution Channels are we are out of business in a flash. Owen Brooke’s Team. Setup an entire Distribution Channel that is efficient and is helping the entire  distribution line work smoothly. Appreciate Everything You are still doing for us…

Food Distributors --- Neil Waldon

We are a small restaurant chain that had staff issues. Not any more, with Owen Brooke Team they implemented a new hiring strategy, developed schedules, incentives, new menus and much much more. I am so happy that I finally called after hearing so many great reviews.

Restaurant --- Lynn Gordon

The Video Marketing Experts

Video marketing is all about focusing on what makes your company unique and special. To achieve this, we rely on veteran team led by Tim Healy. Tim has over twenty years of digital marketing experience and has helped hundreds of brands leverage the power of video to sell products and build a customer base. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the money you spend on your video strategy is well spent.

We are a small restaurant chain that had staff issues. Not any more, with Owen Brooke Team they implemented a new hiring strategy, developed schedules, incentives, new menus and much much more. I am so happy that I finally called after hearing so many great reviews.

Restaurant --- Lynn Gordon

Creating High Quality Videos for Your Brand

When it comes to video creation, there are two key pillars that separate us from the rest of the pack. First is our cutting-edge team that will handle your entire video project. This includes writing the script, recording the video, perfecting the audio, adding animations, and editing the final product. Our videos are the reason brands stand out from their competition on a daily basis. Second is our focus on SEO. As an SEO-first agency you can feel confident that all of our content is fully optimized to for SEO best practices. Our video production truly offers the total package. Our videos are designed to enhance your entire marketing strategy and brand presence.

Why Video? Why Now?

Videos are an amazing sales and marketing tool for your sales team. They are a fun and engaging way to demonstrate value and present company information.

The numbers don’t lie. Websites that offer high quality video have better analytics across the board including increased engagement, time on page, and a higher rate of conversion of visitors to leads.


  • Our Production Team Will
  • Film Interviews and Events
  • Use Drone Capabilities for High-End Shots
  • Record and Mix High-Quality Audio
  • Plan the entire production including logistics, scripting, and filming, and editing
  • Create 2D and 3D Animations to Accompany Your Video
  • Edit, Review, and Deliver The Final Product

Enhance Your Marketing and Branding With The Power of Video

Video is undoubtedly the most popular form of marketing and sales content on the market today. More and more users are flocking to video content on social media and websites. Your audience expects to learn everything they need to know about you through video. If you do not deliver, they will leave you for someone who will.

Videos are the perfect way to diversify your marketing strategy. While some information must be delivered in the traditional methods, video can break up the content on your website and keep your audience engaged and on your site.

The key is to craft and execute a specialized video marketing plan. It is vital that you understand who your audience is and what type of content they enjoy. Then together we identify goals and objectives for your video content. This may include brand awareness, product launches, or event sign-ups. Once we develop a strategy, we can go to work creating high quality videos that your audience will love!

Why Work With Dot Com Media For Your Video Marketing Needs?


We are a dedicated team of video enthusiasts who pride ourselves on producing the best video content possible. We also love taking ownership of a video project and allowing business owners to return their focus back to big picture items like growing and scaling their company.

We put time and attention into every step of the video creation process. We start by crafting a plan based on your brand’s needs and company objectives. Then, we work with our stellar writing team to produce a well-rounded script. Next we include our amazing designers who create fun and eye-catching animations to accompany your video. Lastly, we put the whole thing together and produce an award-worthy video that represents your company.

We analyze the needs and behaviors of that audience to determine what sort of video is most entertaining for each specific platform your consumers are viewing. With online video poised to make up more than 70 percent of all internet traffic in the coming years, you’ll want to get on board. So, what are you waiting for?

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